Optimal Health Challenge

The Optimal Health Challenge is an online educational portal focused on Health & Wellness.
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Creating a new health & wellness lifestyle is just around the corner….

Are you someone looking to lose weight? An athlete looking for the best nutritional and supplementation information? A parent who wants to eat better and set an example for their kids?

Join our 6-week education program! You’ll get:

  • Access to the best educational audio, videos and articles covering everything from meal planning and prep to how to get your body moving!
  • A supportive team of health coaches led by Stacia D. Kelly, PhD.
  • Weekly Q&A calls to answer your questions and review our topics.
  • A full five-day cleanse and detox kit for a healthy start on your journey.
  • A FREE copy of the upcoming ebook “Reduce You”.

The program opens on September 17, 2012 with an open enrollment. The cost is only $150. Join now because the price will go up after September 17th!

You can view the live site here.