If you’ve ever seen Big Bang Theory, you’d be completely entranced as I was when previewing this project. It’s hard to predict what will go viral on the Net, even planned projects crash and burn for the “big boys.” While I admittedly hadn’t seen a single “Hangover” Movie before we started, the mashup had me laughing. I was happy to tackle this social media project and can’t wait to see what the next ideas are that come from the team at Sapling.

So, what’s the Hangover Theory?

What happens when some super smart geeky-types have a wild night of conventions, cosplay and coitus? Well, trust us, the last one is highly unlikely! Check out the branded entertainment original web series on YouTube and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! ~ Sapling Pictures

This 4-week social media project hit YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and G+ with a bang. Episode 5 exploded on YouTube and sent the Hangover Project trending on Facebook with a reach of over 250,000 for a single post. Geeky toys littered the set. (Maybe some geek toy seller should have sponsored the web series… they might have seen a hike in sales!) Actually, I take that back. They would have seen an increase in product sales! We even managed to schedule a fun Google Hangout with some of the cast and crew, including Executive Producer and Emmy Award winner, Keith Jodoin.

Four weeks to opening night of “The Hangover III,” we tweeted, posted, and generally shared anything and everything we could in relation to the movie, the show and related partners.

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All photos and media provided by Sapling Pictures.

Check out the mashup promo and see if you think you’ve got a good idea!