Proposal Services

Good content doesn’t just appear. Writing proposals is a must for most businesses – to win new contracts or retain existing clients. There are few companies  who have the time or resources to develop content that sets them apart. Many companies ask their sales people to craft content, when in reality, the content needs to be a blend of technical and marketing styles. CatKlaw develops the content with your teams, taking the guess work out of the process.

Our goal is to build a workable library for your business to use and evolve for your proposal needs. You have to send out an RFP for products or services. Now. Yesterday would have been better. But, do you want an RFI, RFP or just a quote? Do you have the content?

Do you have the requirements? Is any of it in the right place or have you repeated everything ten times and have a document that exceeds even what you’d want to read? Our sales engineers have mastered the art of crafting RFx’s for submission to vendors. After a half day kickoff meeting, we’re able to start drafting and interacting with your team to develop the exact questions you need answered and in a workable/readable format. Build deliverables include:

  • RFx Build in Word or StarOffice
  • RFx PDF – linked and secured

Five days and five hundred pages? It seems a little excessive, yet we’ve seen it happen. The sales team gets the RFP at the last minute and wants, desperately wants to respond. But is it possible? It can be. With the right team in place and the right content already developed! We help our clients respond to bids with little to no turnaround time. Don’t have the content developed yet? It may take a little longer, but our sales engineers are fast, knowledgeable, and work across time zones. Response deliverables* include:

  • Proposal Team Management
  • Secure content storage
  • Storyboard and Hot Button development
  • Graphics development
  • Custom designed covers and presentation templates
  • RFx Response in Word/StarOffice
  • RFx PDF and CD copies – linked and secured

*Printing costs and delivery are the responsibility of the client. We have a preferred vendor, but does not bear the cost of printing and delivery unless arrangements have be pre-determined.

You’ve done the development. You built the RFP. It went out. And now, you have way too many responses sitting on the conference room table and no one has the time to read through all of them. And more importantly, your executive staff shouldn’t be reading through every response! Put our team to work, allow us to cull through the responses and bring you the results and a short list of vendors. Because we are not a part of your sales team, but your support network, we maintain neutrality throughout the process and give you honest results from a complete review. Evaluation deliverables include:

  • RFx response evaluation score sheets
  • Short List with 1 page summary of vendor qualifications, strengths, weaknesses and pricing structure
  • Best-and-Final-Offer (BAFO) Process Management

Our clients have selected our services because of our outstanding quality, our knowledge of sales engineering and our dedication to getting the job done.