CatKlaw is all about building Brand YOU. In essence, we provide writing and design services for your marketing, communications, public relations, and social networking platforms.

We have helped clients create strong proposals doing not only writing and editing but also helping design and build the response. We design individual and small business websites, set up social media platforms, ghost write articles and blogs, create new brochures or touch up the old ones with a new look or writing style and more.

Idea Storming is all about learning who you are and where you’re trying to take your image or your businesses image. Together, we figure out the sound, look and feel for your communication needs…

Our focus includes:

  • Marketing & Brand Management – from bands, to real estate groups to individuals -this means everything from physical appearance to online, building a Brand YOU from the physical to the cyber realm. Find out how to get yourself recognized without breaking the bank! Learn more about handling all PR related work, scheduling appearances, writing articles and press releases, etc. And, learn how to manage the multiple social networks and get your business and your name recognized and followed.
  • Proposals – hundreds of dollars or several million dollars over several years, government or commercial, we’ve worked on IT service proposals for over 15 years.