Case Studies

Our customer requirements and challenges vary, everything from a quick fix of links and layout on a website to running multimillion dollar proposal responses. We touch on marketing materials to crafting Case Studies. Our proven experience and processes allow us to deliver high-performance, low-risk and best-value solutions for our customers worldwide.

We deliver high-quality support. We pride ourselves on delivering under the most extreme circumstances to the most demanding deadlines. We don’t miss deadlines and our staff and partners give 110% on every project.

Some of our current and past customers:


NEW! – “The most professional” from a development and production job on a Design & Build document for a Sun Microsystems, Inc. customer.

“Stacia is the epitomy or the new renaissance. What amazes me about her is that she can be, at one and the same time, an IT professional who is much sought after for writing the detailed, highly technical proposals required for all government contract bids, while also being able to counsel and help people achieve personal growth and fitness goals. She’s a very centered person, with very clear ideas on what she wants to accomplish, and how to go about getting there. She also has a great capacity to help others develop the same skills. She also recognizes time as a finite resource, and manages it well. Whether you are looking to recenter your life, achieve a higher state of fitness or personal growth, or need a dynamite proposal, Stacia can help.” August 21, 2009
~Alex Burns, President, Have Tech Will Travel

“Stacia takes time to be aware of her clients needs rather than a cookie cutter approach. This type of service along with her deep knowledge has proven more than a worthwhile investment. I highly recommend Stacia Kelly.” July 2, 2008
~Andrea Savitch

“In most of my recommendations I stress the factor of professionalism as a key factor I look for when working with someone. In the case of Stacia I must say I have met a true professional. In the work we did together she was able to get everything done in record time and doing it perfectly. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her and I’m looking forward to any further future work with her.
~Gerhard B. Schwandt Management Partners International, Inc.” June 9, 2008

“Stacia is a problem solver and does whatever it takes to help her company and colleagues succeed.” September 12, 2007
~Mike Parkinson, Principal, 24 Hour Company

“Stacia is a dedicated, focused team player. I worked with her on a multi-year, multi-million dollar managed services contract which we won and her contributions were key to our success. She surpasses anyone I know in her timeliness, attention to detail and quick turnaround times for deliverables.” November 25, 2008
~Noreen Kilby, Project Manager, Sun Microsystems

“Stacia possesses remarkable attention to detail, and the quality of her work is unmatched. Her ability to articulate and balance customer needs with business requirements from a contractual perspective is a highly valued skill that I greatly admire. It is always a pleasure to work with Stacia as she carries herself with the highest degree of professionalism and is just fun to work with. . Jack Tracy” May 8, 2008
~Jack Tracy, Vendor Manager, SevenSpace

“Stacia’s contributions to projects that we worked on together were significant both for the direct work and also for the influence and contributions that she made beyond her specific tasks. Her ability to guide and improve other’s contributions made her a very valued member of the team. The quality of her work was always top-shelf and her consistent expectation for group quality helped drive the team to additional successes that would not have been accomplished without her. It was my pleasure to work with Stacia and it would be my pleasure again should circumstances provide that opportunity. Stan Janiak” November 19, 2007
~Stan Janiak, Director, Client Services, SevenSpace, Inc.

“I have known Stacia for 5 years and worked with her on a number of competitive IT services contracts. I would recommend Stacia, without reservation, to any firm looking for best practices in proposal management, bid planning, sales planning, and technical writing. Stacia is expert at managing multiple activities with tight deadlines and leading an overall team effort to design and win technical solutions.” September 11, 2007
~Mark Elszy, Managed Operations Specialist, Sun Microsystems

“Stacia is a gifted technical writer, proposal manager, and sales engineer. She has outstanding verbal and written skills and is comfortable leading discussions with both senior executives as well as front line engineers. I highly recommend Stacia as an asset to any organization.” August 31, 2007
~Jeff Connor, Manager, Advanced Services, Sun Microsystems

“Stacia was a great proposal manager…even in fields of which she wasn’t a master, she could pick up what was most important and bring it out for potential clients. A pleasure to work with and a real asset!” May 30, 2005
~Ivan Kotcher, Vice President, Strategic Planning, Applications and Content Global Professional Services, Nortel Networks