Marketing a business or product is always most effective when it follows a strategy that incorporates a cross-section of marketing activities, both traditional and online. The range of options for traditional and online marketing is immense and determining the best ways to invest money and achieve the most profitable results can be daunting.

Tips for planning your marketing strategy

The first step in putting together a new marketing strategy is to determine which of the existing ones are working for the business and which are not. Business marketers should look at specifics such as whether the target market has changed; if there is a new market that needs to be focused on; and evaluating any changes in marketing goals and checking out competitors to see if the industry overall has changed. Once it has been determined that adjustments and improvements are required, the next step is to review the latest marketing strategies and how they work.

There are three things that any business owner wants to accomplish with a marketing strategy and they should be kept in mind when planning a new campaign. It is important to connect to other business marketers and stay up to speed on whatever the latest news and developments in the marketing industry are. Listen to other marketers, pay attention to their shop-talk and finally, participate in the strategies others are using successfully, such as digital marketing.

Digital marketing strategy

There are several elements involved in putting together a good digital marketing strategy. The first involves developing a long-term business plan in which digital marketing helps the company to grow. This should take into account any and all aspects of the business and will be referred to in the future, probably multiple times, so be sure to be clear and concise when writing it out.

Deciding on the best way to reach out to customers and connect with them comes next. Digital marketing means digital media, specifically two sub-categories: paid and organic.  Paid media includes any kind of paid advertisement that may be seen in print, on the internet or on television. Organic media marketing involves getting the company noticed through other products it manufactures.

Business websites and social media sites are an important part of any digital marketing strategy and vital to the growth of a business. In addition to social websites, such as Facebook, many new sites are emerging with a focus on professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners. These sites help businesses set up profiles and network, making valuable connections that help to grow the customer base. For example, a company with a profile on can easily connect with the online marketing company Media Whiz on Crunchbase, establishing a valuable networking connection with Media Whiz by simply clicking the mouse.

Finally, find ways to engage the customers on different and multiple levels. Properly placing links that bring together websites, e-mail, social media pages and even print is very important to successfully stimulating business and pushing it forward. Once customers get used to returning over and over, to make purchases, it will help improve the business’s ranking on search engines.

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