CatKlaw, Inc. was founded on the idea that all writing is good writing, meaning in Dr. Stacia D. Kelly’s mind, there is no delineation between good fiction writing and good non-fiction writing. All writing needs to be good writing; it needs to meet the goals of the presenter and resonate with the audience, whether that audience is looking to drown themselves in a story far away, or educate themselves so they know more about their industry. A well crafted writer can balance between the technical and the creative. Writing is writing. That is the motto of CatKlaw, Inc. Our only goal is to help make sure what’s being written is created correctly for YOUR audience and gets your message across, without the fluff, without the hype, streamlined, and focused. Readers are inundated with so much; communications need to be simplified and qualified. 

That is the mission of CatKlaw, Inc. Our Directors have over 20 years of sales engineering and marketing experience both in the commercial and government sectors. Projects have ranged from content and library development to process streamlining to RFP builds and response evaluations to building out social media marketing plans and more.

Dr. Stacia D. Kelly, the CEO of CatKlaw, Inc. has done just that. Not only does she write fiction in her spare time, but she’s turned her love of the written word into helping businesses achieve their goals. Her undergraduate degree focused on how she could enhance her creative writing skills and her Master’s degree focused on using that skill and talent in the business realm. She can lose herself in writing a scene of dialogue just as much as she can lose herself in researching and perfecting the perfect blog (or technical white paper) for one of her clients. Dr. Kelly is a frequent presenter around the local and national community, everything from child safety to how to use social media to enhance a business presence. Dr. Kelly has taught Business Writing to the CIA (shhh, we’re not supposed to tell anyone) and Journalism at Northern VA Community College. She writes for several blogs under her own name and ghost writes many more. She’s called in to write government proposals on topics ranging from IT Managed Services to PeopleSoft HCM. Her most recent shock? She helped respond to a PeopleSoft HCM proposal, of which she only researched and has NO hands on experience, and the client WON! (The client’s experience has definitely had an impact on the response too.)


 Our Directors have worked with clients such as: Litton PRC, Northrop Grumman, SAIC, CACI, NASA, Nortel Networks, Sun Microsystems, ING Financial and several others.

A few project highlights:

  • Developed global bid management processes to facilitate bid management in each of the regions – Americas, CALA, EMEA, and AsiaPac for Nortel Networks.
  • Architected services solutions for Sun Microsystems, Inc. customers focused on providing remote management operations over four years, helping sales teams to win more than $19M a year in repeat and new business.
  • Managed proposal responses for government and commercial bids ranging from $10,000 to $750 million.
  • Developed a tailored response, short and succinct, for a client on the verge of losing a renewal contract estimated at $150k per year.
  • Prepared one-page proposals for sales teams to use in faster commitment time from executives.
  • Developed easy to manage websites for small to medium sized clients.
  • Developed online marketing strategy and campaigns for graphic design company and a personal concierge.
  • Drafted and wrote press releases for multiple clients.
  • Developed and managed several blogs from writer’s websites, to musicians to medical consultants
  • Managed multiple teaming partners in responding to large bids from scheduling to compiling data calls and responses.
  • Created proposal response templates based on RFP requirements.
  • Delivered completed proposals to required specifications on time (or earlier) and within B&P budgets.
  • Developed Bids & Proposals (B&P) budgets
  • Crafted content on technical solutions for remote managed services and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Developed request for proposal (RFP) for ING Financial to send to vendors for IT Services including requirements gathering and response evaluation
  • Researched and developed strategies for responding to Federal RFPs to include themes, visions and customer hot buttons
  • Designed presentations, graphics and marketing materials to support B&P efforts for various sales teams from Sun Microsystems, TrueTandem, Knight Point Systems, LLC, and Thundercat Technologies
  • Participates as a key team member in building response for Sun Microsystems bids for Chicago Public School Systems
  • Drafted Technical White Papers, topics included: Disaster Recovery, Virus Attacks, Independent Testing & Verification Processes, and more.
  • Researched potential opportunities via Input.com, eBuy, Seaport, and others.
  • Managed Pink, Blue and Red Team reviews, capturing edits and changes from various teaming partners.
  • Researched and developed technical manuals for customized software products to business process maps, policies and procedures.
  • Provided technical writing expertise to Dimension Enterprises to document four weeks of decision meetings in order to help a fiber optic company client move into the realm of application service providing
  • Developed the Policies and Procedure Manual relating to all information technology activities regarding day-to-day operations in a visual communications firm
  • Taught community college Business Writing course and Journalism course for Northern Virginia Community College


Stacia D. Kelly

Stacia D. Kelly, PhD, has been engineering marketing documentation, sales support documentation, proposals and presentations for over 15 years in the Washington DC Metro area. Her clients have spanned the globe; she works regardless of time zone and expects her team to do the same. Stacia has written numerous articles, been interviewed for the Harvard Business Review, presented at industry events around the nation, and taught at local colleges in the past several years. In 2002, she received her Master’s Degree in Professional Writing and Editing from George Mason University, and she finished out her PhD studies in 2007.

Stacia writes on a variety of topics ranging from implementing HMS PeopleSoft applications for government clients to tracking fuel supply delivery in Afghanistan. She’s even helped a land development company win a project for the State of Maryland, which focused on the overall historic site plan and involves the rehabilitation and adaptive re-use of most of the existing buildings. Dr. Kelly uses her researching and interviewing skills to help develop response that not only target the RFP requirements, but also the client hot buttons. Her writing skills are best focused on technology as she has a way of making overly complex and technical solutions easily understood by even the busiest reader who can only take in the highlights.

Stacia strives to make sure her team knows that listening is an acquired skill. Our team members are trained to adhere to her high quality expectations, knowing how to review, read and listen to a client’s needs and expectations. You’ll hear her refer to it as intuitive engineering. Ask, and she’ll be happy to explain!

Stacia joined a team with the assigned role of coordinating responses to proposals. We were relying on her to bring accuracy and consistency to Request for Proposal (RFP) responses. Stacia surpassed all expectations. She systematically built out modular boilerplate that could be easily customized; she bridged the Sales and Technical teams, helping each to better understand the needs of the other. Her ability to move back and forth effectively between customer requirements and technical capabilities had the effect of updating our portfolio of services– resulting in not only in more accurate and precise product descriptions, but also a better relationship between us and our customers. Customers got what they expected, and we delivered to our well documented capabilities. We continue to rely on the organizational structure that she built, and on the library of materials that she developed.”
Steve G.,  Solutions Architect, SevenSpace, Inc.